MLS Franchise Update: David Beckham & Miami


Ah yes, the curious case of MLS Miami. For years now, former England player David Beckham has been attempting to bring MLS to the city of Miami. We take a look at the updates and the difficulties facing Beckham’s franchise.



Probably the most difficult task that has faced the potential MLS franchise, is the highly sought after property of Miami. Even MLS Commissioner Don Garbor is unsure about the task saying “If we can’t get the right stadium, we can’t go to Miami. We have been challenged to find a site that we believe will be successful.” Not too optimistic from the main man… Furthermore, Beckham has had trouble getting Miami politicians to hand over the waterfront land that he desires, so far the city officials have not budged to accommodate the former player. However, the fight is not over yet. Reports suggest that David Beckham’s first choice for a soccer site would be transformed into a mega-yacht marina, stadium, and office hub if a development group can secure a lease on nine acres of prime waterfront at PortMiami. Backed by three county commissioners, the proposal by Miami Yacht Harbor seeks to take over a fuel-spill facility’s port lease and then secure a new agreement for 90 years on the same waterfront that launched Beckham’s bid in early 2014. Plans include a commercial center with offices geared toward maritime businesses, restaurants, duty-free shopping, about 800 hotel rooms for cruise passengers, and an expo center to host events.

Other Opposition 


Sticking with the same theme about the stadium, we analyze the criticism of the MLS Miami project. Beckham has faced heavy resistance from the residence of Miami, he just can’t seem to cut a break wherever he plans a stadium! Firstly, he attempted to build close to the already existing Miami Dolphins Sports Complex but was shot down after legal battles. Secondly, he faces resistance from the residence of Miami who do not want to see a sports complex built on their waterfront. Lastly, he faces resistance from the EPA and local government who do not want a large commercial complex built so close to Miami beaches. Poor David!


When Beckham originally signed for LA Galaxy, he chose to opt into his contract  a discounted price should he open his own franchise. While it is not limited to Miami and there are other waterfront cities available, Miami seems like the perfect place for the Beckham family. We hope David finds his stadium site soon whether it be Miami or not…






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