The MLS is no ‘retirement league’.

The MLS is no retirement league, with an abundance of youth players coming through the ranks, there is a lot to look forward too.

Frank Beavis discusses.

Whilst many view the MLS as a ‘retirement league’ due to the influx of older footballing legends, there is in fact an abundance of young players coming through the ranks. Players who have broke into the first team at club level and have featured in their nation’s youth teams. Below is my list of the top 5 young players to watch from the MLS. In several months time, this list will most likely have expanded with more young players playing first team football. In the past, the likes of DeAndre Yedlin and Fredy Montero have stood out as young stars in the MLS and have switched leagues to play for bigger clubs. This shows just how much quality is amongst the young players in the MLS. In the seasons to come, the players in this list could well move elsewhere.

5: Luis Gil – At just 21, Gil has worked his way through the ranks for both club and country, with almost 200 appearances for club and country, including two caps for his country at senior level, the attacking midfielder has proved to be very effective. With the skill he has demonstrated in his performances, it is no wonder that he has attracted attention from clubs such as Arsenal. Given his experience, it is hard to believe that he is aged just 21.

4: Perry Kitchen – The 23 year old American D.C man has a very bright future ahead of him. With over 150 first team appearances under his belt, he has great experience at such a young age and he is a solid and versatile defensive midfielder. He can win the ball in the air and in the tackle and distributes it well down the flanks once done. With great experience already, the only way is up for him!

3: Matt Miazga – Having established himself in the first team last season, the 20 year old American has become a key part of the Red Bulls back line. Extremely solid in the tackle and one of the most capable players in the air across the whole league, he is to become one of the league’s best defenders rather quickly.

2: Alvas Powell – The 21 year old Jamaican is very, very quick and very, very strong also with a good passing and crossing range and a variety of skills amongst his repertoire. Very capable on the ball, he creates a great deal of chances for his team mates and his runs down the flanks are a real danger to any opponent. Whilst he does, on occasion, get caught out defensively, he is an extremely capable defender who shows some similarities to DeAndre Yedlin. Great thingd beckon for this man.

1: Fabian Castillo – The pacey 23 year old Colombian winger is a regular starter for club, and soon to be country. With a wide range of skills and quick feet, it’s no wonder he creates so many chances for his team mates and him. He has got vast potential, and playing first team football regularly for club and country will easily help him to reach it. He is really one to watch out for.

That was my top five list of the young players in the MLS, these names should really be watched out for! Other players I could have included were Dillon Serna, Shane O’Neill, Jose Villarreal, Tim Parker and Sebastian Lletget to name just a few. I will do other articles on other up and coming talents in the future. But until then, I hope you enjoyed.



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