The Dortmund Revitilisation

Borussia Dortmund have been on fire in the Bundesliga this season – Frank Beavis gives an analysis.

There is no denying that Klopp’s tenure at Dortmund was a successful one; towards the end of his reign, teams had wised up to their tactics and learned the most effective way to defend against them. They found it much more difficult to break teams down with their high intensity football and struggled somewhat in the season 2014/15.

Now under Thomas Tuchel, however, they have been utterly revitalised and have returned to the top 3 in the table. Whilst Bayern Munich still appear the superior side, sat comfortably at the top of the table, Dortmund certainly are not far off. They have returned to their days of high pressing, with the fluidity returning to their passing. Ultimately, this has lead to great success, averaging just under 3 goals per game this season, and losing just once there is nothing that can get in the way of their good form. The players look fired up and more capable than they have looked for a long time. From Hummels’ distribution at the back to İlkay Gündoğan in midfield, who can pick out the pass to the attacking force consisting of Reus, Kagawa, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang, who are well capable of finding the back of the net. It is clear that Dortmund have a recipe for success.

The biggest problem they may face this season is hanging onto their best players come January, if they remain injury free and keep the likes of Marco Reus and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, they should comfortably finish in the top 3 – and may even mount a title challenge!




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