January Deadline Day 2016

8 Things You Should Do This Deadline Day

I have drafted up a short list of a few things that I think you should do to get the most out of Transfer Deadline Day. That being said some of these have been exaggerated for entertainment purposes, and they are in no particular order.

  1. ‘Pull a sickie’

Theres nothing worse then missing out on your club making an epic deadline day signing. That being said if this option is not possible, I would suggest you follow us on social media and when possible check out our live feed on the site.

Disclaimer: This is probably not a good idea if you are looking to maintain a job

 2. Follow ‘TFF’ on social media

By doing this you will be able to keep up to date with the latest transfer news on the go. You will also be able to participate in polls and tell us your thoughts on the deadline day drama

3. Follow the ‘TFF’ Transfer Deadline Day live feed

Not only do we have coverage on social media, we also plan to have a dedicated live feed of everything thats happening this deadline day, this will be running from around 9:30 am until late, reporting on all the rumours, news and views.

4. Stand outside your clubs ground

This is only suitable for a select group of fans, who choose to gather outside their teams ground in anticipation of spotting a new signing or Odemwingie passing through. Unfortunately the appeal for this option has declined over the last few years due to lack of camera coverage, preventing any deadline day shenanigans from occurring.

5. Get excited over unexpected landing at local airport

This option is one that Norwich fans have became accustom to over the last few years. I recall one winter transfer deadline day in which an unexpected flight landed/was due to land at Norwich airport from Scotland, social media in typical fashion went into meltdown over the potential arrival being Gary Hooper only for it to end in disappointment (until the summer window when he signed).

6. Scout a player on Football Manager/FIFA

So with only minutes to spare before the window closes, your team have been linked with a player that you have never heard before, so you decide the only way to judge whether this is a good signing is to check out his stats on these popular football games.

7. Watch ‘the perfect montage’ of a potential signing

If you choose not to do the previous, you may well choose to see what he is like in real life by checking out some clips on YouTube and other popular video sharing sites. That being said most montages you will find of a potential signing will be flawless in the sense that if the player is a striker they simply do not miss.

8. Tweet us!

We would love to know your views on the latest dealings, so make sure you use #TFFDD



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