Is Money taking over Football?

With the recent events of ticket prices, transfers and salaries arisen over the past month people are asking themselves the question where does all this money go? Loyal Supporters turn up every week to watch their side play whether its in the Barclays Premier League or League 2 however, the one factor that doesn’t seem to change is money.

Firstly you just have to look at ticket prices. Liverpool fans have just been hit with a huge blow which is that they will have to pay £77 for a ticket to watch their side play. £77 is a huge amount of money to pay to watch two teams kick a ball around the field isn’t it? Surely the billionaire owners in the Premier League don’t need anymore money. However they know that English football fans are the most loyal in the world and this is the reason they charge that much. Football fans seem to be fighting back though, after this statement the club made about ticket prices Liverpool fans performed a walk out in the 77th minute to boycott watching the game in protest of how much they are going to have to spend on tickets. The board immediately dropped their prices and shockwaves have been sent around football clubs and teams which state that if they charge too much fans will show courage to stand up to it.

Secondly the amount of money spent on transfers has increased over the last season dramatically. For example over the last two transfer windows alone Barclays Premier League clubs have spent over the £1 billon pound mark on players alone. This is without adding agent fees and salaries as well. Its not just the English team spending the money but the Chinese league has come out of no where and spent massive amounts of money on players that wouldn’t be the same price as in England. Examples of these would be Ramires from Chelsea for £25 million pounds as well as Paulinho from Tottenham who moved in the summer. This seems to show that loyalty is going out the game and money is on the rise even more than it already is. Traditionally teams would be built up of academy players and local communities. Nowadays the Premier League is full over abroad talent which costs huge amounts of money to bring to the country. There won’t be any Gerrard  like players who stay with one club anymore, it will be who gives you the most money not who you support. Not only this but bringing in players from abroad has hindered the development of the England national team who haven’t looked anything like the teams they used to be.

Salaries and agent fees have been on the rise as well for years and this hasn’t helped the loyalty of the game at all. Some players are now more interested in how much money the get rather than how many goals they score that season. Agents are also demanding more money which has caused clubs to pay beyond the call of duty in order to secure the services on the player they want. Money isn’t just shown in the performing side of the spectrum but as well in the directing and managing side of football. Examples of these are Sepp Blatter and Micheal Platini who have both been hit with bans for corrupting FIFA. Even former players are now attracted by the money and cash that is being thrown about around football these days.

Overall football is always going to be a huge sport which attracts lots of attention, sponsorships and money, which is great for the coverage of the game. But as the money increases it seems that the loyalty of players is decreasing which in the future could have a huge affect on clubs and whether they can stay afloat. Portsmouth and Bolton are both examples of teams that have spent over their budget and this has caused  the clubs to be on the verge of liquidation. Portsmouth are now in League 2 and Bolton are bottom of the Championship. This should be a warning to clubs looking to exceed the money they have.

Money has a large affect on football but can loyalty withstand the pressure of it?



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