5 Reasons Van Gaal HAS to go

After a series of disappointing performances Man United manager Louis Van Gaal has been criticised for his slow, laboured style of football. Below I will state the 5 reasons why I feel Van Gaal has to go.

1: Style of Play
As I touched on in the introduction, the style of play that Van Gaal plays does not match the traditional Manchester United style of play. The long ball game to Fellani is quite frankly mind boggling. Manchester United Legend Paul Scholes summed up United’s display, labelling it a ‘shambles’.

2: Players have given up

Thurday night when you looked down onto that Anfield pitch, if you’re honest with yourself… How many United players looked like they were invested in the tactics they were playing? The players look demotivated, lethargic and unorganised. They don’t know whether they’re coming or going and the responsibility for that lies at Van Gaals door.

3: Lack of game plan

Again, Thursday night when I looked down onto that famous Anfield pitch, I saw no organisation or team cohesion. It looked like Van Gaal had stopped off at the local pub before the game and thrown 11 volunteers together. There is absolutely no leadership from the back to front in that side and it is quite frankly embarrassing. The fact Juan Mata has captained the side is very worrying indeed.

4: United are no longer intimidating

Once upon a time, the thought of facing Manchester United made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. When you stood alongside these superstars in the tunnel, you knew you were in for a game. You knew youAn example of happier times for Man United fans.would have to fight tooth and nail to get a result. Sadly, now more and more teams are looking at Man United and thinking “Yep, they’re there for the taking”. The fear factor has gone. The legacy has gone.

5: Van Gaal cannot be trusted with more money in the summer

Louis Van Gaal has spent nearly 250m pounds. Just let that sink in… 250m. With that money, he has guided them to 6th place. That quite frankly, is an absolute joke. Manchester United fans must be shaking with fear at the thought of Van Gaal getting his hands on more cash in the summer. It is time for United to cut their losses, sack Van Gaal and start afresh in the Summer. Then maybe, just maybe, United can try and rebuild their famous legacy.

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