April Fools: Best Football Attempts

Whether you were rick-rolled or not, April Fools is the one time of the year where tricks and pranks are in abundance. Football clubs are no different, with fans often having the wool pulled over their eyes by their favourite club. TFF has analysed the best of April 1st 2016 in the world of football.

Euro 2016 expulsion if we leave the EU

The Telegraph tricked it’s readers on Friday morning by announcing that England and Wales would be excluded from the Euro 2016 competition in France should the UK vote ‘yes’ in a referendum to leave the EU in June. After surviving the initial shock, unhappy fans quickly realised it was a joke.

Arsenal to build a retractable roof

As if Arsenal fans weren’t already having a miserable season, the club decided to prank them by announcing that a retractable roof would be built. The roof would not only protect them from the elements, but also display encouraging messages to motivate the players. Project manager William daRoufe (terrible joke) announced the idea through a video shared on Arsenal’s social media pages. It was clear to see Arsenal fans were not happy.

El Cricketo?

Spanish paper AS reported this morning that football giants Barcelona and Real Madrid were to launch cricket teams, which would compete against each other, in matches now as ‘El Cricketo’. The clubs announced that their players were already training for an hour every day to prepare for the cricket matches in the summer.

TThe grass isn’t always greener on the other side…

French club Lyon announced that the grass at Parc Olympic Lyonnais had been painted blue for the rest of the season, in order to match the traditional colours of Lyon. The club even released an image of the stadium, complete with a photoshoped blue pitch.

Lyon Blue Pitch

New badge for the Saints

Southampton announced through their official Twitter page that they were to use a new club crest from the start of the 2016/17 season. The badge, which featured the ‘halo’ emoji, was announced in order to represent “the values of recent times”.




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