What Is The Most Important Trophy In The Football World?

For years, the World Cup has held a monopoly of the most important trophy of all time. Thanks to the likes of Pele and Maradona, the king of all trophies has enjoyed the title for some time. Until now, that is. The World Cup has come under pressure as more people are beginning to change their opinion. The likes of the Champions League and even the European Championships are starting to make a move. That begs the question: ‘what is the most important trophy in world football?’ The Football Forecast had a look to see if they could come to a definitive answer.

It is undoubted that the World Cup has a hold on people’s imaginations. The competition is by far and away one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. Only the Olympics can come close to rivalling it regarding prestige and viewership. In footballing terms, it even has one of the nicest quality engraved trophies in the sport. There is nothing like a trophy of pure gold to add even more luxury to the event. The only thing that the competition lacks is the quality of play. For years, there hasn’t been a World Cup that anyone could truly class as great. Brazil 2014 was good, but it wasn’t brilliant.

One competition that does have a very high standard of play is the Champions League. Whereas the World Cup has gone stale, the old European Cup has gone from strength to strength. With the like of Messi and Ronaldo breaking records, the play is a sight to behold. As far as quality goes, the best stuff is in Europe’s premier competition – of that there is no doubt. However, the Champions League doesn’t have the same draw as the World Cup. Millions watch it in their droves every year. But, billions watch football on the world stage every four years.

The European Championships have a mixture of everything. Because of the population of the area, they have the numbers. The Euros also has the prestige as it plays host to some of the oldest national teams. And, these national teams, until this year, had to play each other from an early stage. There was nowhere to hide in the European Championships. The problem is that people view it as a poor man’s World Cup. They like the spectacle and the pomp, but it is just a taster before the big event. Until they break down this barrier, it will never have the same effect.

Here’s one that you would never imagine to be so important – the Championship Playoffs. Yes, the cup that decides which team joins the top two from the Championship in the Prem is very important. As far as money goes, it is the most lucrative. From TV money and parachute payments, a team can look to receive over £120 million. In a sport where money is king, that makes it a true contender.

In summary, the truth is that the World Cup is probably still at the top of the tree. Even though the standard is far worse, it has years of history that is almost impossible to overturn. Even a bribery scandal can’t do much to harm the competition’s reputation

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