Leicester City’s fairytale story is complete

They have actually done it.

Leicester City have won the Premier League title for the first time in their history. This came as a result of Tottenham failing to beat Chelsea on Monday night, as they faltered in the final stages of the game to draw 2-2, and in doing so handing the title to Leicester.


This achievement has emphasised the fact that in the Premier League, anything is possible, which makes it the most unpredictable and exciting division in the world.

Leicester City have proved that togetherness and teamwork can prevail against all the adversity offered from the spending power possessed by the elite Premier League sides.

What this year’s Premier League has also offered to all the top-flight sides who are seen as smaller compared to the top six teams, is hope. As they now know that it is possible to challenge and push the top sides to achieve things that some people will have previously considered to be impossible.


When you look at where some of the Leicester players have built their careers from, it adds even more emphasis on the enormity of their achievement of winning the title.

The prime example of this is Jamie Vardy. As an academy product, he was rejected and let go, forcing him to build his career up from the non-league. Vardy’s career has now become the greatest rags to riches story in recent memory.

Meanwhile, his teammate Marc Albrighton signed for Leicester on a free transfer in the summer, after having been let go by Aston Villa who have gone on to be one of the worst teams seen in the Premier League era.

Danny Drinkwater and Jeffrey Schlupp were let go by Manchester United after they failed to make an impact in their first team. Both went on to play an integral part in helping Leicester earn a draw at Old Trafford, which went onto to clinch them the title.



Even Claudio Ranieri has a history of being written off. When he was sacked as Chelsea manager, their owner Roman Abramovich stated that the manager will never win the Premier League. Also, when Ranieri was named as Leicester’s new manager, he was immediately placed as the favourite to be the first Premier League manager sacked this season.

The manager has acted emphatically to prove his doubters wrong. He has gained more and more plaudits as the season has worn on, mainly through him being so graceful and humble in how he has gone about their season.


The job that Ranieri has done with Leicester this season is truly astonishing and it cannot be understated. He deserves a lot of credit because of how he has managed to keep his players level headed throughout the run-in, ensuring that they only look to the next game.

Every time that Leicester have faced hardship this season, most notably when their talisman Jamie Vardy suffered his two-match suspension, they have reacted to their problems unequivocally, with the help of Ranieri’s clear tactical nous.


Leicester managing to win the Premier League must, in my opinion, be considered to be the greatest British sporting achievement of all time, to even surpass the achievements of Nottingham Forest.

In those times, it was a far simpler task if you were looking to break through the wall and into the higher echelon of the league and then to even go onto win the league. The financial barrier between clubs was not as evident then, but it is far different in this generation.

With the money around in the Premier League in recent years it was thought to be impossible for a smaller side to win the league. However this season Leicester have proved those naysayers wrong in spectacular fashion.

The fairytale is completed. What is important now is that we embrace this achievement for what it is: the greatest footballing story of all time.



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