What needs to change at Arsenal?

A truly miserable season is coming to a close for Arsenal.

With a sixth successive last-16 elimination in the Champions League, as well as an uninspired finish in the league, change is needed in order to restore Arsenal to the once great powers of ‘The Invincibles’:

Add Quality

Frustration is not uncommon in North London after Deadline Day, with the Gunners often failing to buy anybody worth shouting about. Recent seasons have seen the arrival of high profile names such as Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, who have become the club’s most expensive signings. However, one cannot help but notice the lack of real ‘world beaters’ in this slightly mediocre Arsenal team. Simply put, asking players such as Danny Welbeck and Olivier Giroud to compete against the likes of Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa is not a feasible option for a team which has such high aims like Arsenal. More money will need to be spent to strengthen the team, particularly in central midfield and up-front.

Cope with the Pressure

With such a passionate set of fans, it is no surprise that the Gunners have a slight concentration problem. This season they have been humbled by the likes of Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiakos in Europe, whilst also having been held back by teams like Anderlecht last year, even though Arsenal had a 3-goal lead. Clearly, this squad is not quite ready to deal with such high expectations. The addition of more experienced characters to the squad could help prevent such incidents from occurring again, as well as provide more leadership on and off the pitch.

Win the League

Leicester were crowned league champions on Monday night, as Tottenham lost a 2-goal lead to surrender their title hopes. With this season being one of Arsenal’s best in terms of chances to win the league, with all of the other ‘big’ clubs failing, their lackluster performances will inspire few. It is unlikely that Wenger will win the league again as Arsenal’s manager, based both on Arsenal’s squad and the fact that the bigger teams are likely to come back stronger than ever next season. However, should they win the league in the near future, it is likely momentum may be maintained. Arsenal fans can only hope of such success in the future.



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