Selfish Sunderland have made Sunday a snooze fest!

Of course it is a hyperbole-filled wise-crack, but how mundane is Sunday going to be now?

The Black Cats, residing in the North East, have pulled off another remarkable escape from relegation, whilst at the same time relegating their local rivals Newcastle as well as Norfolk counterparts Norwich.

With Leicester having wrapped up the Premier League title weeks ago there isn’t too much to stimulate the mind come Sunday. The fight for fourth is still in process as Manchester City visit the Liberty, which whilst is a difficult place to go, the task at hand should be accomplishable considering what is at stake. Knowing City though, and how this season has grudgingly progressed, it would not be surprising if Swansea take the lead at some point to make the nation hold their breath, but City should come out the other side with Champions League status if all goes well.

Manchester United will undoubtedly dispose of Bournemouth, hoping to recover from a shaken up performance against West Ham, and they will be keeping one eye on Wales as the narrative unfolds at 3pm. If City do find themselves in a losing position late on, the Reds better hope Merson is not commentating on City, unless they want their hearts wrenched in a deja-vu fashion with another late goal.

We have become accustomed to exhilarating final days in one aspect or another in recent years, but this one looks as ordinary as ever. Could Sunderland not have dropped points vs Everton just to make it exciting for the majority, especially with Norwich winning?

All jokes aside Sunderland have done phenomenally well under Big Sam and the abundance of goals from a certain Jermain Defoe may just give England manager Roy Hodgson an extra bit of headache come his team selection on Monday.

After the exhilarating contest between Portsmouth and Plymouth last night at least the play-offs will provide us with some excitement. We may not have much to look forward to on Sunday, but next season will be unquestionably mouth-watering.

Anyhow there is less than a month until the Euros begins…hands up if you’re giddy!



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