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Our One Year Anniversary

The Football Forecast is officially a year old.

The Twitter account launched on the 1st of June 2015 and has steadily grown ever since. In this article, I recap my one year at TFF, go over future plans for the brand and hear from some of the people who keep TFF ticking over.

In July last year, I was handed a great opportunity, an opportunity which would open many doors for myself. I was just scrolling through Twitter, you know as you do, and then I saw a tweet saying “Football writers wanted”. Football Journalism has always been something that I’ve been interested in but up until that moment I never really considered it. I messaged the account straight away, they forwarded me on to another bloke who goes by the name of Alex Crowther, a man that now happens to be my boss and one of my closest mates. He asked me for a practise piece before I officially joined The Football Forecast, I wrote about Raheem Sterling’s move to Manchester City and I had wrote and sent him the piece within 40 minutes, Alex seemed impressed and welcomed me into The Football Forecast with open arms. A couple of weeks after I had joined the manager of the English leagues department left, Alex came to me for suggestions on who the next English leagues manager should be, despite the names I give him he chose me, since then I’ve become ever closer with Alex and regard him as a very close friend, I’ve also majorly improved my football writing skills and me and Alex have worked closely together to create more opportunities for the whole TFF crew next season. As the longest serving member of The Football Forecast I can honestly say the standard of the lads we have now are levels above those we started with, they all produce quality and consistent articles and all are a pleasure to work with.

I and Alex have spoke on numerous occasions about the future of TFF and where we want the blog to go, we are looking to branch out into YouTube and a possible podcast which would widen our audience. Next footballing season, I and many other of the TFF team will have the pleasure of having media passes for football grounds, which opens up a lot of doors for us as a brand. Both me and Alex hope for a successful future for The Football Forecast and are both extremely excited about the brand’s potential going forward.

Let’s hear from some of the team:

Lewis Oldham- “Writing for TFF has given a chance to enhance my experience/ability as a writer, being able to write on numerous topics. It has given a great background to the sports journalism business, which will significantly help me for my future aims of working as a sports writer”

Jack Gladman- “I saw this company as my first step into football media. This has been as a brilliant opportunity and I hope this company has helped me to refine my skills before going on to payed sports Journalism in the future.”

Haron Faqir-“I had nothing to lose applying to be a writer for The Football Forecast. Alex put faith in me and my work, and since then I’ve taken pride in every article I’ve produced”

Liam Drury- “Amazing experience. Everyone here could have careers in sport journalism.”

George Sneddon-Coombes- “Great group of people and it is been a pleasure to be part of.”

Danny Cook- “Fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with talented people who share the same desire and passion”

Kieran Masters- “Glad to be apart of this group with a load of wonderful bunch of people!”

It’s been a brilliant year and with much much more being planned at Crowther Media and TFF HQ, the next year promises to be even better.



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