TFF Weekly Football Quiz: 19 (22/7/16)

Welcome to the TFF Weekly Football Quiz!

Quiz 19 (22/7/16)

Welcome to another installment in our weekly series of fun football quizzes. This is a chance for you to show off your football knowledge to the rest of the world. This quiz should be treated as a bit of fun, as there is currently no prizes for the winners. All the questions are obviously football related and vary in difficulty. We hope to post a leaderboard in next week’s quiz post, showing where each person came, as well as the correct answers from the quiz.

Good Luck!

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Last Times Top 3 (Quiz 18) Positions:

All scores out of 10

[1st] Cameron Moore = 10

[2nd] J Wheeler  = 9

[Joint 3rd] Football Quizy, Andrew Cliff, Liam H & Lewis Oldham  = 8

Thanks to all that took part!

Information sources used for the questions:  BBC Sport, Sky Sports, Wikipedia & FIFA  



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