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How will Zlatan be used at United?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been one of the world’s most prolific goal scorers in recent years and wherever Zlatan goes trophies seem to follow.

The former Sweden international has achieved a lot in his career and has usually found himself being the vocal point of his former team’s attack force. However, will this be the case for the Swede in Manchester or will Mourinho only use him when he is required?

There is no doubt Zlatan will be a huge fan favourite at United and scoring an overhead kick in less than 4 minutes on his debut really made United fans go nuts.

Ibra’s persona is one people can’t help but fall in love with he thinks highly of himself and shares that with the public “Swedish style? No. Yugoslavian style? Of course not. It has to be Zlatan-style.” (Ibra talking about how his roots effect him) So it is no doubt that the Old Trafford faithful will want to see Ibra get as much playing time as possible. Does José agree though should Ibra be the main man up top?

In the last season with PSG Ibra scored 38 goals in 31 league games a very impressive stat for a 33-34 year old.

why shouldn’t The Special One pick him?

Zlatan is 6’5 which makes him a threat in the air. He also has a fairly big build which makes him able to compete physically against his opposition and he can finish in a variety of different ways such as that overhead kick against England. That said,  Zlatan has never really been known for having blistering pace which sometimes can let you down as a striker and even with a player of Ibra’s stature, his age is against him.

Will this, therefore, be the first season in which he starts to decline?

Ibra looked to struggle for PSG when facing Manchester City in the Champions League, Zlatan did manage to capitalise on a mistake from the city defence and goalkeeper to grab a goal for PSG but he just didn’t look like his usual self. He even missed a penalty, which I know happens from time to time, but he looked to struggle against the English team.

Even in the 2014-15 season when PSG played Chelsea again in the Champions League, Zlatan did not look himself and he failed to score even though he put 3/4 of his chances on target. His pass percentage was not too bad in that match but he didn’t really create much either.

The gaffer will no doubt play Zlatan in these type’s of games, but the point I am trying to get at is that Ibra may find life harder in the Premier League.

Jose for me would be best off using Zlatan in the same way in which Sir Alex used Van Persie, which is playing him in the big game matches and when needed as a backup, but when he is in need of a rest, Jose should not be afraid to give him a chance to recharge his batteries.

I would much rather see Ibra fully fit to take on the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City, rather than him being fatigued and not able to get a goal.

Zlatan is going to do well in the Premier League and he is hopefully going to carry on the form that he had in his final seasons at PSG, but to do so I feel his battles need to be picked wisely.


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