The Football Forecast is proud to present – The Ring of Anhur

The following is an unpaid-advertisement for the book “The Ring of Anhur.” All proceeds go to charity.

“The Ring of Anhur” is a fantasy, mystery book from author John Michael Hanson. The book tells the tale of the Rings but the concept is much more interactive than you would think. To go along with the sale of the book their will be a mass treasure hunt across the UK as the two parts of the Ring have been buried in secret locations.

It all starts here: http://theringofanhur.com/thepuzzles/. Where cryptic clues released every two weeks are posted. The first clue is out now and solving the clues one at a time will lead to you having a 12 digit code with the thirteenth question determining the order of the code. This code can then be punched into Google Earth which will give you the precise location of the inner ring. The location of this ring could be anywhere in the UK, even at your favourite club’s football ground.

The inner ring, once found must be turned in conjunction with the inner ring on the back of the cover of the book. This means that you cannot complete the quest without the purchase of the book. Once turned until identical with the back of the book the inner ring reveals the location of the outer ring. The first person to find the two
parts wins the hunt and receives a handsome cash prize. They also get the bonus of keeping the ring for themselves.

We are asking our readers at The Football Forecast to buy the book here: http://theringofanhur.com/thebook/. All sales go to three great charities. Roundtable children’s wish, the Royal British legion and FUCHSIA cancer support and you’re in with a chance to win a sum of cash and the ring itself.

Thank you.



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