Could You Run A Professional Football Club?

We’ve all been in a situation where we’re watching our favourite team play. The ninety minutes are nearly up, and you’re still one nil down at home. What a load of rubbish, you think. You start chatting to your mates about how the club’s gone downhill. The signings you made this summer were rubbish. Who decided to hire that new manager? It gets to the point where you agree that the club needs a change in ownership. It needs to be run better, and then you’ll start seeing results on the pitch.

Often, we like to think we’re perfect for this job. If only we were given a chance to run our team, then we’d sort things out. But, could you really run a professional football club? Today, we’ll look at some of the main issues that come with a job like this:


Following FA Rules
All football clubs have to follow all of the FA rules and regulations out there. If you don’t know, there happen to be loads of these! The FA has a rulebook that’s thicker than the Bible, and written like it’s from that time too. If you want to run a football club, then you better ensure you’re not breaking any rules. Most clubs have to employ solicitors like Pinder Reaux & Associates Ltd to help them stay on top of rules. Any breaches can be damaging for the clubs finances and reputation. Imagine being known as the man that bankrupt his team because you didn’t follow the proper rules.

Transfer Negotiations
Transfers are one of the biggest parts of football. Every season we look forward to the transfer window and hope our club signs someone good. For the people running our clubs, it can be very stressful. Think about the money that goes into some transfers nowadays. We’re talking millions and millions of pounds. How do you evaluate what a player is worth? And, how can you justify spending so much on someone? Negotiating transfers is a huge part of running a football club. If you don’t have the knack for it, then you’ll run your team into the ground.


Making Money
One thing us fans often forget about is that football clubs are a business too. They need to make money, or we won’t have these nice stadiums and big money signings. Can you find ways for your club to make a profit every year? Think about how you’ll push shirt sales and the marketing you must do too. If you aren’t making money, your club will end up going bankrupt.

Keeping Fans Happy
Finally, you have to think about the fans. If they’re unhappy, they tend to let you know. You can receive a lot of abuse from fans that don’t like what you’re doing with the club. Even if it makes perfect sense from your standpoint. You have to try and keep them happy at all times. Think about lowering ticket prices and giving back to them. When owners have a good relationship with fans, it tends to reflect well on the pitch too.

So, after reading this, do you still think you could run a professional football club? It’s good to take a step back from the pitch and look at things behind the scenes from now on. One question I’m interested in is who the best run club in the Premier League is? It’s certainly a good one to debate!



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