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Initially, I wrote this article about how awful Palace’s form is in 2016, and how we need to improve in the coming weeks and months if we are to survive in the Premier League but Monday Night Football said everything I had discussed in that piece, so I’ve decided to instead say the 5 men I could genuinely see replacing Alan Pardew in the near future. I’ve been trying to think positively for so long, however there isn’t any way Pardew can turn it around now.


5. Jurgen Klinsmann

I don’t want this to happen. I should make this very clear before I carry on. I think Klinsmann is a total fraud and his sacking from the U.S.A men’s national team was long, long overdue. However, with the new American investors Palace have and with the sudden huge interest in our club across the pond, this could actually happen. Ever since a series of NBC documentaries were released in America about Palace at the start of this horrible year, our fan-base has become huge in the U.S.A. As well as those documentaries, we went on tour across America in the pre-season this summer which made Crystal Palace a household name in lots of cities. Not only that, Pardew and Parish were spotted in New York in the latest international break so that’s another link to the States. Therefore all these connections to America make this appointment a high possibility.

4. Patrick Viera

I wouldn’t know how to feel about this one. He has no managerial experience in the Premier League however he does have knowledge of the country and the league, being one of the best ever players to grace it and everything. I think he would be an upgrade from Pardew, however it wouldn’t guarantee us safety. We have a huge french contingent within our squad so having somebody that they probably looked up to would motivate them, however this appointment would be a big gamble. Once again our links to the States make this a possibility because of that picture of Parish in New York with Frank Lampard and other significant people from New York City F.C who Viera currently manages. Its common knowledge that he wants to manage in the Premier League, and we might be the break he needs.

3. Chris Coleman

It’s a no from me. I don’t think Coleman is good enough to manage in the Premier League, however this looks very likely. He used to play for Palace years ago, he’s friends with Steve Parish and our squad has a fair few players that are a part of the current Welsh set up. Parish has made no secret of the fact he believes in Coleman, even recently tweeting about it, however I don’t share the same faith. This is probably the most likely outcome, but I think it would be a very uninspired choice.

2. Keith Millen

I’d rather go down with Millen than anyone else on this list, or Pardew. He’s been with us for longer than I can remember as assistant manager and he has seen the transition the football club has undergone in the last few years and he’s remained fiercely loyal. He already knows the squad really well, he’d be completely committed, and I think he deserves the job a lot more than Pardew does. However I doubt Parish would run this risk and would rather keep Millen in the role he’s currently holding.

  1. Dougie Freedman

It’s time for some closure. Dougie built the team that got us into the Premier League and brought Zaha into the first team before he chased the money off to Bolton. Even though his stints at Bolton and Nottingham Forrest weren’t exactly successful, I think we need Dougie and he needs us. A former player and manager for us, he knows the what the club stands for and what we represent almost as much as the fans. Hopefully Parish will agree with me, however it seems unlikely due to the way Freedman left last time. He’ll always be a cult hero for his goals though, so I think most of the Red and Blue Army would welcome him back with open arms. I think we need to swallow our pride and admit, Dougie Freedman is the man we need.

So that’s the 5 men I believe are on the shortlist for the Crystal Palace job, however this is assuming Sir Steve Coppell is unavailable (if he is available we must do everything in our power to hire him). So Steve Parish, if you’re reading this please hire Dougie Freedman back, unless Sir Steve can come and save us. I have every faith in Parish because he’s always done everything with the club as his main priority and in the summer he handled the Zaha situation perfectly, so I’m sure he’ll make all the right decisions.



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