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January Transfer Deadline Day 2017 Stream Catch Up

Here is your chance to catch up with some of our coverage from yesterday’s deadline day live stream. Simply click the video below to listen to the final two hours of the show which ran from 8pm until midnight.

Obviously, four hours is a reasonably long stream, but we cover a lot of topics and news and we genuinely enjoyed doing this.

We will try to put this into an audio boom in the not so distant future, we just need to work out how we can do this given the length of the stream so keep your eyes peeled as we may well split it up into various parts and upload. If we do get some success with that we will add them into this post.

Thanks to Alex Crowther, Ashley Thorpe, Ben Jones, Kieran Moss, Liam Drury, Alisha Wicks, Melvin George Kachere, David Curtyy, Conor Martin, Danny Cook (host) & TFF’s mystery man Garth, for all appearing on the streams panel.


If you enjoyed the stream why not check out our weekly football podcast live on YouTube every Monday from 7-8 pm.

Click here to listen to the previous episode of TFF Talks

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