Well, that was a pretty comprehensive win. I don’t expect anything less from an Arsenal side reeling from a midweek humiliation.

The first half saw Arsenal create chances and were prepared to be patient when creating their chances aswell, unlike Paul Doswell’s side who were also making a few chances themselves, but I felt just got a little too excited, especially when David Ospina almost gave a goal away. Adam May was given what was probably the best opportunity to score and he couldn’t believe it himself, ending up missing the target completely.

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I was happy with Doswell’s sides for making life difficult for Arsenal (I hate it when sides lie down), but I felt that they gave Arsenal far too much respect and ultimately paid the price for doing so. However, Sutton weren’t afraid to try to create chances and go toe-to-toe with Arsene Wenger’s side. Their best chance was when Roarie Deacon saw his chance hit the bar from long range.

Arsenal themselves were coming off the back of a crushing defeat, so the pressure needed to be taken off Wenger with a win here and that is just what happened. Lucas Perez opened the proceedings within 26 minutes, then Theo Walcott extended his side’s lead in the second half from close range to join Arsenal’s 100 club.

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Following the game, Wenger spoke about getting the job done and gave credit to Doswell’s side for taking advantage of every mistake which is something I noticed myself. They sat deep and allowed Arsenal to have time on the ball, then when Arsenal made a mistake, they took that in their stride. He went on to say that if his side weren’t mentally prepared, Arsenal wouldn’t’ve gone through which doesn’t take a genius to work out.

Doswell spoke about the amazing support and the fact his side and Lincoln City have done the tournament (which has supposedly “lost its magic”) proud.

Following this game, Arsenal have an extended breather as they’re not in action until next weekend due to Southampton having other commitments. As for Sutton, they visit Torquay this weekend, hoping to steer clear of relegation.

Overall, I was pleased with how both sides conducted themselves, especially with the goal celebrations from Arsenal. There were no over-the-top celebration like shouting about but there were a few things I was disappointed by such as Sutton players throwing themselves into challenges. But hey, why should that ruin a pretty comprehensive evening?




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