Liverpool’s left-back problems

If you’re a follower of the English Premier League, you will probably know about Liverpool’s struggle in defense. What with conceding time and time again, any attacking movement from the opposition is a disaster waiting to happen. In particular, the left-back position is a tricky sea to sail.

Moreno is a footballer who ,though is a good attacking presence, does not play well defensively one bit. One can observe Moreno’s poor fulfillment of defensive responsibilities at display in many games he features in. Moreno is overzealous when he attacks, as manifested by when even though it isn’t necessary, he goes up the pitch, and stays in the attacking third, thus making him get more and more out of position, and thereby reduce the number of defenders at the back. Does Klopp permit, or even encourage Moreno to play this way? It’s very difficult to imagine Moreno playing in the same fashion, without Klopp getting infuriated as he did towards Sakho unless Klopp approves. One way or another, however, Moreno’s play cannot be tolerated if Liverpool want to end their defensive slump.

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Milner has been absolutely fantastic. Moving from playing all around the midfield to playing at left-back, Milner has certainly been able to play decent football for Liverpool. Unlike Moreno, Miller’s balance between attacking and defending makes him a solid player. Crossing was predicted to be a problem for Milner, as he is a right-footed player primarily attacking the left-wing, but with his intelligent dribbling he manages to cross the ball pretty well.

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However, in my opinion, Milner ought to be played somewhere else. The way I see it, in an average Liverpool starting 11, Liverpool have 5 players (not including the goalkeeper) who can defend, the back-4 and Henderson. 5 players with sufficient defensive ability won’t do, particularly when those 5 players at occasion don’t play particularly well. Therefore, Milner has to be played in that midfield. Though he may not have the attacking skill of Wijnaldum or Lallana, he is a good supplementary player to the already strong Liverpool attack. Ideally Can would play that midfield role, and I’m confident that in the future he will, but at the current moment he is not good enough. Milner being implemented in the midfield, and maybe taking a risk with a Liverpool academy player at left-back, is a risk that Liverpool should take, in order to start playing well again.

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