Point gained or two lost? – Regardless it’s an opportunity missed

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After a disappointing result against Fulham. United could only follow it up with a draw in Saturday’s fixture against Birmingham. With Brighton and Huddersfield’s results, this is not a disaster. However, it is an opportunity missed to take control of the league.

Was this result disappointing?

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In short, no. Given the context with the results of rivals, United gained a point advantage. However, if Brighton and Huddersfield had won, no doubt the backlash would have been worse. However, lady luck, which evaded United in the game, managed to rear its head. Huddersfield’s horrendous result shows that they might not be able to cope with the pressure. However, this trait is similar at Newcastle and Brighton. There have been times in which both sides could have took control but both haven’t shown the correct mentality to secure the league title just yet. This will change with no doubt either United or Albion will win the league. Huddersfield seem too far off despite Wagner’s side having a game in hand.

United have learnt that the Championship is far tougher than the last time they were in it. They have performed identically to the crop of 09/10 but have found the league far more competitive. Brighton have proved much tougher opponents for the league than West Brom in 2010. Because of that, yesterday was a missed opportunity. The chance to take a three-point lead would have been huge and as we’ve seen recently, United really do need one. A huge lead was blown in just a week so every point matters for United. The good news for United is that Brighton seem to suffer from the same problems. Both sides seemingly have a tendency to ‘bottle it’. For United to have had a truly successful season they must be the ones to win it. However, under the guidance of Benitez, hopefully, United will win.

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