Newcastle’s main battle will be with themselves

Newcastle are within touching distance of the Premier League. After a tough season, United have their fate in their own hand. However, fans may be worried after a wobble in their previous two games. Despite this, Newcastle have their destiny in their own hands. The only battle they will have to fight is with themselves.

The run in is nothing difficult United must now go and win it

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Newcastle have been fighting a battle with themselves all season. They have already severely damaged their title hopes when the pressure has been on. They must now learn from their mistakes. Whilst their title aspirations are not over. They have been damaged and Brighton will be now favourites to win the league. United need to learn from this and be able to handle the pressure.

It’s perfectly acceptable to be under some pressure. United have one of the largest fanbases in the division. The fans expect promotion. Newcastle have a Champions League winning manager in charge and have spent £70 million. The players must learn to handle this pressure which has been a problem this season. It takes a special type of player to succeed on Tyneside and only certain players have displayed what it takes.

However, at too many times this season, the players have been unable to handle the pressure. United have lost nine times this season which is far too many for a side which were expected to romp home. Brighton, in contrast, don’t suffer from the same problems as Newcastle and the pressure on the South Coast isn’t as high.

However, Rafa Benitez is a manager of great experience and that coupled with the seven-point lead over Huddersfield should see them over the line. But United must learn from the mistakes that they have made in the past. If they don’t disaster may strike.

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