Are derbies becoming less relevant?

After a boring 0-0 draw in the Manchester derby, I was wondering why derby matches have been declining and are becoming less relevant in the footballing world.

When you think of derbies, what do you think of? Hard tackling, legs snapping, and passion. That’s the complete opposite of most derby matches. Two of the most revered derbies in English football are the Manchester derby and Liverpool-Manchester United, both ended 0-0 this season. I have a theory on why these matches are getting more boring as time goes on.

One of my theories is the amount of foreign players playing in this country. A lot of the players who come over here don’t fully grasp the importance of derby matches. That’s why scoring in the Manchester derby means so much to players like Marcus Rashford because he is a local boy who worked his way up the ranks of Man United. Of course, this doesn’t work for all foreign players like Sergio Aguero who’s secured legendary status at Man City. The whole problem stems at the bottom with grassroots football. Instead of nurturing young English players, top clubs prefer to throw money at some foreign starlet.

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This is why derbies like the Old Firm and Tyne-Wear are still great matches to watch. These clubs still have passionate hardmen in the club who live to please the fans. In the Tyne-Wear derby, the clubs have Aleksander Mitrovic and Lee Cattermole, respectively, who aren’t afraid of a strong tackle and love the club. On the other hand, we’ve got players like Ander Herrera who pretend to be hard men who cry as soon as someone touches them (as you can tell I don’t like Herrera). In my opinion, there are too many diving crybabies which really once great derby matches like Man Utd-Liverpool.

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