Newcastle United 2016/17 – Highs and lows

With the end of the season drawing closer and closer, I decided to look at the high and low points of this season.

Match of the season

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For this category, I took into consideration how the team performance and match importance. So thinking of all of this, I went for the 3-1 win against Huddersfield away. This match is one of my favorite performances because all of the team played so well. Huddersfield and David Wagner play a very high pressing game so Newcastle’s defender’s squeezed the space so the opposition couldn’t play their game. All of Huddersfield’s shots came from too far away to trouble Darlow. On the other end of the pitch, the attackers were clinical with their chances and took them when they could. This match put Newcastle 5 points clear of Brighton in second.

Honorable mentions:
Two matches that should be mentioned here is the 6-0 win against QPR away and the 2-1 win away to Brighton. The QPR win was a complete performance however it wasn’t that important in relation to our season. On the other hand, the Brighton win wasn’t that great of a performance however it was very important to our season.

Worst match of the season

With a season full of good moments, there are bound to be several bad moments. This has been highlighted in the 3-1 loss away to Ipswich. 90 painful minutes where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. The only possible positive from the match was a Daryl Murphy equaliser to make it 1-1 against his old club. The whole team was set up to fail. It’s really best to move on quickly from this match.

Player of the season

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This season there have been several standout players. Karl Darlow, Ciaran Clark, Matt Ritchie, and Dwight Gayle have all put in top class performances all season. However, one player stands out the rest and that player is Jonjo Shelvey. I may be biased but Shelvey is the best player in the league. I’ve talked about Shelvey a lot in previous articles so I’ll keep this short. He has bags of technical ability. He’s the main creative outlet of the team and thoroughly deserves to be on here.

Worst player of the season

Again with all of the good players, there have to be some bad players. Here I chose goalkeeper Matz Sels. The Belgian came with high expectations to battle Darlow for the number one spot but has failed to deliver on those. In every match, he’s looked very shaky and uncomfortable when presented with shots. At the minute he’s playing his trade with the under-23s. There is no way he should get in over Darlow and Elliot.



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