Does Karius have a future at Liverpool?

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As of recent times, Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius has not been played in matches. Jurgen Klopp has repeatedly chosen to have Mignolet in goal instead and with Mignolet playing well, who could blame him? This inclination to play Mignolet leads to the question of Karius and his role at Liverpool. If the current landscape stays constant, it’s hard to see not when Karius will break into the starting eleven. There is an argument to be made for Karius, but there is also an argument against him.

As a positive, Karius can play the ball with his fit quite well. A pass back to him can be followed by a precise one-touch ball that can move the ball into a position that is favourable for Liverpool or even instigate a fast-paced attack. What with the creative players at Liverpool’s disposal, a direct ball to them, as opposed to a long ball in their general area, will certainly be more beneficial to them and therefore the team. Karius’ technical ability regarding his feet is an asset that not only will help the team but one that Mignolet does not have to the same level.

Conversely, as a negative, Karius is dangerously inconsistent. Karius will have an overall good game, but one or two key moments where he makes mistakes can jeopardise Liverpool’s entire effort in winning. In short, inconsistency is intolerable and Karius happens to be inconsistent. However, Mignolet has a history of being just as inconsistent, though he has been great as of recently. However, if Mignolet goes on a spell of games where he is not playing well, then there arises a necessity and an opportunity for Karius.

To conclude, by no means is Karius the best footballer in the world, but the risk of Mignolet being too inconsistent calls for there to be a good back-up, and Karius could well be just that.

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