IMO: Why Girls Should Play Football

Even though football is played by many women and girls all over the world, there still seems to be some kind of stigma attached to the subject.

For years, games like football and many other sports were unashamedly reserved for men. However, the mould is certainly breaking, as more young women become interested in playing sports like football and rugby and clubs are developing all girl teams. Here are some reasons why football can be a woman’s game.

Confidence Booster
Recent studies have shown that playing football can significantly increase teenage girl’s confidence. In fact, a study from UEFA shows that it not only builds self-confidence but football is better than any other sport for doing it. The study included 4128 girls aged 13 and over from countries like Germany, England, Spain and Denmark. A remarkable 80% of the girls that took part said they felt more confident after playing football.

Being Part of a Team
Being part of a team can feel like being part of a second family. You have a troop of people you can rely on and they often become trust worthy friends. Many coaches insist on team building exercises because it’s a well-known fact that teams who work well together are more likely to win games. That’s because they trust each other to do the jobs they’re there to do. And, no-one is afraid to ask for help. Being part of a team can promote feelings of security and young girls thrive when they feel confident and secure.

It’s Not a Man’s World
Past generations of women have grown up feeling like they were only allowed to do certain things. In recent years, many boundaries have been broken for women. The fight isn’t over yet; we’re still not being paid equally for the same work as men. However, young girls get a chance to live in a world where they aren’t so restricted. Young girls have more opportunities than ever and the chance to play on a football team is just one of them. Women shouldn’t be ashamed to enjoy football, play football, read a football blog or watch football.

The Physical Aspect
Whether it’s American football or English football, the chance of getting hurt while playing is very real. However, some may say that girls are more fragile than boys. On average, men are naturally taller and stronger which may give them an advantage. Or you could look at it like this – women have to work harder to become stronger. Some may say they’re more deserving. The debate on whether girls should be allowed to join boys on a football team has gone on for years. Take a look at this debate. When you reach the site, you’ll find a lot of female voices that insist they’re stronger than most of the males that play on their team.

It may not be an issue that’s resolved for a long while, but the benefits of women, especially teenagers, playing football are clear. How do you feel about women playing football?



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