Liverpool reach the promise land

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On the 21st of May, Liverpool’s 3-0 victory over Middlesbrough landed Liverpool into the fourth place position, which means that consequently, Liverpool have secured a place in the pinnacle of European club football, the UEFA Champions League for only the second time in seven years.

Reaching the Champions League is a massive positive for Liverpool. All the hard work and passion exerted by the fans, players and coaching staff alike has reaped the rewards, playing in club football’s biggest tournament. Liverpool, with their great history of winning, ought to be there. Klopp is bringing back Liverpool’s winning ways and a good run in the Champions League will further Liverpool’s ambition to create more history. It would not be a surprise if Liverpool do quite well in that tournament as well, as Liverpool are one of, if not the most physically capable team in one of the worlds most physically demanding leagues. It would certainly be difficult for teams across Europe to deal with that.

Manchester United may well make the champions league as well, via winning the Europa League, but luckily that will not change Liverpool’s entrance in the Champions League whatsoever.

There are other benefits to being included in the Champions League. Jurgen Klopp has suggested that more players may be interested in a move to Liverpool if they are in the Champions League. Liverpool’s adversaries are going to keep on improving over the coming summer, so Liverpool need to match and/or exceed that, by buying players to improve the squad. Therefore, as more players will be more inclined to join Liverpool, Liverpool can make some very good transfers to bolster their efforts for the 2017-18 season.

With the Champions League qualification, I would say that this year’s campaign has been a successful one and with the new transfers that may happen over the summer due to playing in the champions league, the coming season may well be a great one for Liverpool Football Club as well.

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