Newcastle: Daryl Murphy- The under-appreciated man

A key reason for United’s promotion this season has been down to the depth of quality in the squad. 

Benitez prepared his squad by having multiple high class players at Championship. Perhaps the prime example of this was striker Daryl Murphy.

An unsung hero?


Perhaps not the flashiest player in the world. Daryl Murphy has massively impressed this season. Big Daz, as affectionately nicknamed by supporters, was huge for United.

Perhaps Mr. Championship, Big Daz proved his quality at this level. Murphy scored five for United with limited opportunities at United.

That’s more than fan boy favourite Aleksandar Mitrovic. That’s with Mitrovic featuring in far more games as well.

Murphy deserves credit when called upon he gave  consistently strong performances. Often in under pressure situations such as during Gayle’s absences in crucial sections of the season.

Big Daz hasn’t perhaps got the credit he deserves. Often the reliable players don’t. Despite not pulling up any trees at United. He has proved how excellent a striker he is.

Big and strong Murphy was a threat from all areas. Scoring a terrific header at Brentford to a lovely curling finish against Rotherham.

He also provided perhaps the biggest goal of the season against Huddersfield to see off the game. A menace at Ipswich before arriving on Tyneside. Murphy has proved an inspired signing by Benitez.

Despite having his doubters upon arrival he has proven them wrong with his performances this season. Really comparing him and Mitrovic provides a worrying viewing for the Serbian.

Murphy appeared to do a much better job than Mitrovic. More goals and better performances than the Serbian in far less time.

However, despite all of this Big Daz will likely be one of the first to be sold this season. When people maybe right that he isn’t at the standard needed for the Premier League.

It would be nice to see Benitez reward Murphy with one last shot at the Premier League.

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