Newcastle: Should we be worried the transfer situation?

There’s been a lot of frustration and confusion over Newcastle’s transfers this summer, but should we be worried?

Rafa’s future at stake?

The thought of Benitez leaving in never a pleasant thought, but it’s something the papers have been suggesting. This article from the Daily Mail claims that Rafa leaving is a big possibility, however according to The Echo Benitez won’t leave but wants urgent talks. While I do think he’s very frustrated, I don’t think he’ll leave as I think he has a great affinity for the club.

The stumbling block

After being heavily linked to players like Tammy Abraham and Willy Caballero, why have they not gone through? I believe the blame lands solely on Lee Charnley. The managing director plays a big part in transfer negotiations. With Mike Ashley pressuring Charnley to complete transfers, Ashley can’t be blamed here. He, thankfully, seems to be cleaning his act up. Charnley’s doing the same thing he always does, trying to negotiate for every penny when the club clearly has the money to pay the asking fees. This puts the other club massively off and the deals fall through. A change of personnel is desperately needed in his role.

Learn from the past

Now compare this transfer window to last season’s (which was hugely successful). The club had signed one player before July, just like this season. Then in the 15/16 season, the club didn’t sign any players until July. Yes, it’s a little worrying a few deals have gone through, but there’s no point worrying when it’s not even July. To all of the people stressing about the transfer window, don’t. There’s no point worrying when Newcastle normally do their deals in July. I think Benitez is going to stay, regardless of what’s going on right now.

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