Newcastle: A new striker?

According to reports, Rafa Benitez is searching for a new striker. In this article, I’ll be looking at three possible transfers.

1. Realistic

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A down to earth, realistic striking option would be Burnley’s Andre Gray. The Englishman scored a total of nine goals last season which is an ok figure but I think he can massively improve that total with the right coaching. According to Squawka, he has a shot accuracy rate of 51% which would put him in between Gayle and Mitrovic. He’s a clinical finisher who is a lot more efficient with his shots than Mitrovic.

2. Dream

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The dream option, for me at least, would be Olivier Giroud. He is apparently available for £20 million. In his past seasons he scored 12, 16, 14, 16, and 11 goals.  Although this tally may not be good enough for a top team like Arsenal but he would be absolutely perfect for Newcastle. It is a very unrealistic transfer due to the price and wages but there’s a reason he’s the dream option. Having 10 goals from him and 10 from Gayle (at least) would keep us up comfortably.

3. Wildcard

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For the final option, I chose Bologna’s Mattia Destro. Newcastle were linked with the Italian striker a few months in a deal worth potentially £8.5 million. Last season, Destro scored 11 goals in Serie A. This puts him between Gray and Giroud goal-wise. However, he may end up like Newcastle’s countless foreign flops. Gray and Giroud have both shown they can score in the Premier League. This does mean that their prices will be inflated because of this fact and Destro would be available for cheaper.

My personal preference would be Giroud but he can easily score 15 goals in the Premier League and he would be the best striker at the club by a mile. But money would be the biggest problem as the board may be unwilling to cough up the money for the transfer and wages. He may also not want to move due to his desire to play European football, but a man can dream.

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