Newcastle: Some of the Funniest Newcastle United Moments

Newcastle United always seem to find a way to make the headlines, whether for good or bad reasons.

Now that we have one of Europe’s elite, Rafa Benitez, as manager, and everything seems relatively peaceful, we can look back and have a laugh at some of the sheer calamities that have occurred over the years. Which one sticks out in your mind?

Alan Pardew head-butts David Meyler

Pardew’s reign at Newcastle provided so many headlines, from the brilliant, to the dreadful, to the downright hilarious. Let’s be frank: Alan Pardew has never been one to shy away from controversy over the years, yet even by his standards, he outdid himself with this one. During Newcastle’s match at Hull City, he head-butted Hull midfielder David Meyler. It was one expensive head-butt, as Pardew was fined £100,000 by Newcastle United and £60,000 by the FA.

Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer square up

This has to be one of the biggest football LOL moments in Premier League history. We have so many players square up to each other over the years, but they tend to be on opposing teams! Dyer and Bowyer were both playing for the Toon Army at the time. If it wasn’t bad enough, losing 3-0 to Aston Villa at home, Bowyer and Dyer received red cards for violent conduct after becoming involved in a fight.

A Newcastle fan takes on a horse

Any Newcastle fan knows that there is nothing worse than losing at home to Sunderland, especially a crushing 3-0 defeat. But one fan took it more personally than others. In fact, it took it out on a poor Police horse called Bud. Barry Rogerson, a 45-year-old ‘man,’ taunted the horse and then decided to punch it in the head. Quite rightly, he landed a year’s jail sentence for his moronic actions, but we are pretty sure that the years of humiliation will be a lot worse.

Joe Kinnear tries to sign one of his players

Let’s be frank, Newcastle United have had some pretty poor managers in their time, yet Joe Kinnear takes the biscuit. There were so many funny moments from Kinnear’s career (looking back, of course; they were pretty terrible at the time). However, the funniest has to be when he tried to sign his own player. The former Newcastle manager attended a League Cup game between Swansea and Birmingham. Shane Ferguson was on loan at the Brummies. He had a great game, dominating the midfield, and afterwards he made a comment about signing the player. The press thought he was joking at first, until they realised that he didn’t know Ferguson was already a Newcastle player. Hilarious!

It’s fair to say that there have been some hilarious moments at Newcastle United over the years, albeit somewhat embarrassing. Let’s hope this year they are putting smiles on people’s faces for the right reason. Either way, it will surely be another entertaining season at St. James’ Park.

Feature image credit: Sir-Nobby



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