Newcastle: Is the treatment of Krul right?

With Krul being exiled to the reserves and subsequently loaned to Brighton, I’ll be discussing if I think the treatment of him is justified.

Tim Krul has been an excellent servant to the club, being with Newcastle his whole senior career since 2006. For the majority of those 11 years he has been the best keeper in the club, so why has he suddenly been binned?

Why would Benitez not play him? He is still a decent keeper, maybe not as good as Elliot, but still good enough to be in the first team. The big injury he got on international duty mid way through the 15/16 season may have seriously affected his ability. On top of that, his distribution is really poor. Almost all of his kick outs go out for a throw in.

On another side of the argument, he should be kept. Even as a backup, he is a very capable option. There is also the fact he is a senior member of the team that commands respect due to his many years of good service. He can also tutor younger players like Woodman to improve his game.

Time to play devil’s advocate with another argument. Yes, he has declined and it’s probably time to move him on. However, he doesn’t deserve to be forced out the club like this. Getting rid of a long serving player is always hard but Benitez has dealt with this in the wrong way.

In my opinion, yes Krul should leave however not be forced out the club in an unprofessional manner. He should’ve been sold or should be left for his contract to run down. If a player gives 11 years of his career to one club, he deserves a lot of respect, especially when he has been a very good player for those 11 years.

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