New To Football? Time To Pick A Team!

Many people delve into football when they’re young.

They play it in the playground and go to games with Dad. And, most of the time, that love remains lifelong. For some, though, that childhood focus was in other areas. Perhaps you were too intent on your studies to spend time watching sports. Or, maybe you didn’t see the appeal.

But, as you reach adulthood, you notice something changing. It may be that you’re fed up of feeling bored when your mates watch footie. Or, it may be that your tastes have changed. Whatever the reason, you find yourself more invested in those football games. For the first time, you care about who scores.

Before you know it, you’re up there with the best of them. You’re shouting chants like your life depends on it. But, one thing’s missing. No football fan can be without a team. What would be the point, otherwise? So, it’s time to consider how you can pick your team.

Who do your friends support?

The most logical team would be the ones your friends support. That way, you can go to games as a group, and meet up to watch on the television. It’s practical and adds a real team element, which is sure to boost your love.

Get ideas from geography

If you don’t trust your friend’s judgement, you could turn to geography. Often, we choose teams purely because they’re closest. Again, this is a practical move. Most of the games will be local, and easy to catch. Plus, there’s nothing like supporting your community.

What’s your favourite colour?

It may sound strange, but people settle on teams for all kinds of reasons. Why not decide based on the colour of their uniforms? If you intend to buy the kit, at least you can guarantee it’ll be in a colour you love this way. A Google search is sure to lead you towards teams with the right colour. Fans of orange could head for Blackpool or Wolves. Those who love red kits could settle on Swindon Town or Arsenal. Whatever your colour, there’s sure to be a team that wears it.

Then, get excited

Whatever your rationale for choosing, this is where the fun starts. You now have an answer to the ‘who do you support’ question, but it’s time to build love for your team. Otherwise, your support won’t ring true. Plus, your attention for the game will wain if you aren’t invested. You could gain devotion for your team by betting on the football results when they’re playing. Even just a small amount will give you more devotion to the cause. Plus, you’re sure to feel more loyal if you get a payout.

Or, you could keep things simple by going to see them play live. This up close and personal experience is sure to bond you and your team for all time. You’ll feel much more personally invested this way, and will have the chance to meet others who feel the same!



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