Newcastle: Why Shelvey deserves a call up

After Winks was brought into the England squad, Newcastle fans have been questions why Shelvey didn’t make the cut.

Shelvey’s best attribute is his long-range passing to break down defences. Now, what do England always struggle with? That’s right, breaking down deep defensive blocks. We saw this on Sunday when he played a great pass for Joselu’s goal that split right through Liverpool’s defence.

There are some flaws in his game I will admit that. HIs bad attitude is the biggest problem and he really needs to sort it out. There’s also his occasional poor decision making, often choosing a long shot rather than passing.

Call me biased as a Newcastle fan but I really think Shelvey would be a great match for the England side. Very few players in the current squad can break down defences like he can and make things happen like he can from midfield. England have already a good attack with Kane and Sterling and a decent defence with Rose and Stones but they need someone to link up the midfield. Shelvey can be that man.

One of the biggest problems with the English system is that players are chosen off reputation. Take Cahill who is always chosen when players like Micheal Keane are much better. This is the same with Shelvey who bossed England’s captain Henderson on Sunday. Trying out different players like Carrick wouldn’t be a bad idea as he could bring a calmness to the midfield.

It’s a shame that as Shelvey’s 25 he really only has one shot at an international tournament and that’s this World Cup so he must impress this year. Unfortunately, he’s gained a reputation for his bad attitude which he probably won’t be able to shake. I still think he should be called up as he has improved leaps and bounds from his last caps.

Feature image credit: Ben Sutherland



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