Arsenal star to be the next to join Manchester City?

According to reports, Manchester City will almost certainly be Sanchez’s next destination in January.

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With Sanchez’s contract running out at the end of the season, there are claims that Alexis will almost certainly not sign a new one. This means now Arsenal will most likely look to cash in on him during January to save him going for free in the Summer.

After holding talk with PSG in the summer, they will not look to swoop back in for the Chilean winger. It now looks very much as if Sanchez will meet up with his previous manager Guardiola.  Sanchez, of course, played for Guardiola during his three years at Barcelona, scoring 39 goals in 88 appearances while he was there.

Guardiola went in for Sanchez during the summer. However, the deal didn’t go through as Arsenal were not prepared to lose Sanchez without a good enough replacement. After the bid was made from City, Arsenal went in for Lemar but he wasn’t prepared to leave so late in the window. It looks now that Man City will have no choice to sell Sanchez in January if they want to cash in on him.

It is understood that Man City will bid £20 million for him, £40 million pounds less than there bid in the summer. The much lower bid a result of Arsenal really having no choice but to sell him, unless they keep him until the summer but then he can go for free.

My Opinion

In my opinion, Arsenal should definitely accept the £20 million. The money can then be put towards for a replacement and it’s much better than nothing at all. It really doesn’t look like he will stay and sign a new contract so he’ll be going one way or another. If he was to go in the summer and stay for the second half of the season, I really don’t think he’d have his heart in it, especially if they’re not in the title race which they almost certainly won’t be.

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