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Match Report: Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United

Zzzzzz… Huh? Match report?! Oh right!

Well, that was less than eventful, to say the least. For the fourth time running* (and third season in a row), Liverpool and Manchester United draw even.

*One of the four draws came in a Europa League tie which saw Liverpool advance to the next round

First half

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Liverpool dominated early on with half-chances but David Gea made light work of them all with fairly comfortable saves. (Not like he would mess any of those up).

There was a flashpoint soon after when Mohamed Salah blatantly dived (in a laughable attempt to forge a freekick). How he wasn’t penalised, I’ll never know. (I’ll leave this up for discussion).

The best action of the half came when De Gea made a spectacular save to deny Liverpool the lead. Joel Matip’s chance was sharply saved by De Gea before Salah hit his opportunity wide. (Looks like those training ground reaction tests have paid off)!

Manchester United had a chance (if you can call it that) of their own with the likes of Romelu Lukaku shooting in the penalty area but Simon Mignolet snuffed out the danger with a comprehensive save. (This could also be translated as Lukaku shooting straight at Mignolet) each to their own.


Second half

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Jurgen Klopp’s side started as they meant to go on as they found themselves creating a goal-scoring opportunity when Philippe Coutinho saw Roberto Firmino make a great run, though the latter was marked offside. But still, a decent piece of play.

Later on, a great ball from Joe Gomez was ruined by Emre Can who failed to make a real attempt at goal as he saw his rather wayward effort glide well over the bar. (Should’ve gone with his head).

Another flashpoint came when Ander Herrera was thought by everyone (excluding Martin Atkinson for some reason) to have fouled Coutinho on the edge of the penalty area. (No idea why Atkinson didn’t brandish a yellow there).

The home side wasted yet another opportunity to break the deadlock when Coutinho’s cross for Salah could not be converted as the ball was too high.

Towards the end, Can saw his opportunity easily caught by De Gea, who was later chosen as Man of the Match.

The final chance of the game came from a corner as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s cross into the box found Matip who headed over.

0-0 is how it finished in a repeat of the forgettable “Red Monday” draw from last season.

Thoughts on the game

Ahead of the game, I was hoping for a draw as it meant that should Arsenal beat Watford, the North London side would be four points behind the leaders.

On the match itself, it was marginally better than last season’s result with the chances being made.

I was critical of Jose Mourinho’s “if we can’t win, do not lose” approach. That would work in the short term, but teams cannot draw their way to a league title!

Overall, I thought the first half was much better than the second half as more chances were created.

Well, now that “snoozefest” is truly over, both sides are in European action in the week with Liverpool taking on Maribor in Slovenia, whilst the three-time European Cup winners face Benfica in Mourinho’s homeland the following day.

Over to the public

What were your thoughts on that rather dreary game? Should Mohamed Salah have been booked for diving? As he wasn’t, should he face retrospective action? Should Ander Herrera also been given the same punishment for a foul on your most prized asset? Let us know all your thoughts on the game @OfficialTFF.

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