Newcastle: Former Premier League owner and players are spreading lies again

It’s happened again. Yet another ridiculous accusation has been thrown at Newcastle fans. The second in a week.

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan is the latest so-called pundit to make ill-informed remarks about Newcastle fans. This comes after previous comments in recent weeks from former players Kieron Dyer and Craig Bellamy.

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Jordan appearing on Thursday night’s edition of Sky Sports’ The Debate claimed that Mike Ashley could never be accepted on Tyneside due to him being from the South.

A truly extraordinary claim from Jordan. Who joins a list of so-called football experts that seem to have a short memory when it comes to Newcastle.

Well here is a reminder to them. Over the past ten years, Newcastle United have only gone one way, backwards. Becoming a Championship side within two years of the owners’ arrival.

The season before Ashley’s arrival, 2006/07, Newcastle has been in the UEFA Cup. The season after his arrival, 2008/09, they were relegated.

Chris Hughton, from Forest Gate East London, became a legend on Tyneside for taking us back to the Premier League with little help from the regime.

Ashley would reward Hughton with a sacking after an excellent start featuring wins at Arsenal and a memorable derby win. This caused uproar due to the Londoner’s treatment.

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Hughton was one of us and accepted, Simon, I could give you various examples, Les Ferdinand and Rob Lee even current player Matt Ritchie.

If you show passion if you show respect if you show commitment Newcastle will love you. It’s simply nothing to do with where you are from.

Ashley, however, does not show this. A trip to St. James’ Park will show you this. It has become a billboard for the mistreated Ashley’s company Sports Direct.

Furthermore, this raises no money for the club. Previously, in 2011/12, Ashley had changed the name of the historic stadium to the Sports Direct Arena. A violation to the football world.

For Jordan, a man who nearly destroyed Crystal Palace, to make such ridiculous claims is outrageous. A man with no connections to the area making such damaging remarks.

Accusing United fans of a sort of regional racism. Now to the topic of our ambitions, something Kieron Dyer believes us to be delusional about.

Newcastle’s fanbase do not expect Champions League football. Perhaps if Dyer had been more invested in the club we would expect that.

However, his generation of Newcastle players dashed any lofty expectations. Under them, we dropped from having a chance of Europe to having a chance of relegation.

United fans have conceded those days are gone. All United fans want is to be an established Premier League side and perhaps once in a while go on a cup run.

These aren’t lofty expectations for a club which pulls in 52,000 in the Championship. However, what prevents us from achieving this is Mike Ashley.

Our dislike of Ashley doesn’t come from our delusional brains thinking that we should be challenging for the league. It comes from Ashley’s lack of ambition to achieve the bare minimum.

I would suggest that those such as Simon Jordan should keep their delusional opinions to themselves.

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