Newcastle: Why Benitez won’t leave for Everton

With the sacking of Ronald Koeman by Everton, Benitez’s name has inevitably made its way onto the list. However, in this article, I’ll be explaining why I don’t think he’ll leave:

First of all is the fact that Benitez is in the middle of a project with Newcastle, trying to turn the club into a top 10 side. The added incentive of a takeover makes everything more appealing for Benitez. Newcastle have a young and hungry side, with an average age of 25 (the youngest in the league) whereas Everton’s is over 2 years older. Benitez is obviously forming the foundations for the future.

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As well as that, Everton needs to be strengthened in several positions before they can be improved. Namely pacy wingers, one or two centre backs and a clinical striker. The Merseyside club are a prime example of recruiting poorly after selling a star player. On the other hand, Newcastle only need two or three improvements to become an established Premier League side.

On top of that, we have the fact that Benitez is no quitter. Despite the fact he faced huge pressure at Real Madrid, with fans clamouring for Zinedine Zidane to replace him, Benitez continued until the point he was shafted out of the club. It’s a similar situation to Newcastle. I believe Benitez has too much respect for the fans and the club to walk halfway through the season and leave us stranded. Unless Ashley (or whoever the new owner may be) does something to seriously annoy the Spaniard, he won’t leave half way through the season.

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For once, Newcastle fans aren’t overly worried about Benitez’s head being turned by another club but this article is to put any doubts to rest. It is a scary thought to see how little quality managers there are on the market, but we don’t need to worry about that. Finally, the club is on an upward trajectory and the sky is the limit.

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