Newcastle: The tricky case of Joselu

Joselu signed from Stoke in the summer for £5 million and has already had a tough time.

The Spaniard’s career started brightly with a goal against West Ham but things quickly went sour after a very poor performance against Stoke where he should have scored a hat-trick of chances. Things haven’t gotten much better with a string of poor matches. In defence of Joselu, he hasn’t received the best service but he should still be doing much better with the chances he’s getting.

Then we come to the Mitrovic vs Joselu debate. While they both have different strengths and weaknesses, I still think Mitrovic is much better. While Joselu is much better at finding space and getting in promising positions, his finishing leaves a lot to be desired; whereas Mitrovic can be quite static but his finishing is far superior. Mitrovic should start as he is a much better goalscorer and the whole team has struggled for goals a bit this season.

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Now Joselu does deserve to be criticised for his recent form, but I do not agree with the abuse one bit. A player is never going to prosper if he’s constantly being abused over social media. That’s only going to damage his confidence even more and result in more bad performances. Take Shearer under Gullit, both his form and confidence were low. Then Sir Bobby Robson came in, put an arm around his shoulder and got him back on form. Players benefit from having their ego boosted a bit.

Dropping Joselu, however, to try Mitrovic for a few matches may not be a bad idea. Our striking options are becoming stale and something needs to be changed. While Joselu has been poor recently, being backed by the fans is the best way to get him back on form.

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