Newcastle: More endless takeover speculation

A bid has been made. So let the speculation commence. Despite very little concrete news one thing is certain, something is happening.

Amanda Staveley has reportedly made a £300 million bid for Newcastle United. However, it is highly unlikely that this bid will be accepted.

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But it is almost certainly a start. Whilst this might be an opening bid it’s more than Mike Ashley has received for the club in his 10 years in charge.

Whilst it’s early days but it’s easy to forget how big a step this is. Finally Ashley has heeded United fans advice to sell up and leave.

Only took a boycott, various protests and website. But finally progress is being made. Perhaps most importantly this progress will eventually lead to progress in the club.

It is perhaps over optimistic to expect too much too quickly. Talk of £100 million budgets in press simply creates disappointment when it eventually doesn’t happen.

Whilst this may transform the club. The fans mustn’t get ahead of themselves. Expecting too much may lead to over expectation.

That would be incredibly counterproductive. We must always remember where we come from and whatever happens we must stay ground.

Hopefully the days of relegation will be over under new owners. But we simply can’t get ahead of ourselves.

One thing which is certain though is that this is the time to go. Mike Ashley simply does not have the funds required to keep the club in the Premier League and to keep Rafa happy.

Despite a decent start to the season. Saturday’s result at Manchester United proved the lack of quality Newcastle have available.

It would have been far worse if Rafa wasn’t at the helm. The squad doesn’t have the quality however surges simply due to his gameplans.

If Ashley wasn’t able to sell the club Rafa would leave. The lack of ambition in the club would drive him away. However, new owners would be able to unlock this.

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