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While we are part way through the current premier league, the tickets for the 2018/19 league can already be reserved through a waiting list on club websites.


It’s never too early to start thinking ahead, in fact, as we all know when it comes to football, if you leave it too late, you’ll miss all the good games. It obviously differs between teams and location, but for all the big clubs and venues, if you don’t book way in advance, then you’re not going to be there. Prepping for next year’s league is so much more than reserving your tickets, and if you want to ahead of the game, you’re going to need to follow these few tips.


We’ll start with the tickets. Where most teams are advertising their waiting lists now, ticket sites are still selling the 2017/18 seats. Season ticket holders will be able to renew whenever, and people who are looking to buy a season ticket will have to go on that waiting list. But for people who want to pick and choose their games – perhaps because of travel – the tickets usually go on sale around six weeks before the season begins. Right around the time the match table is released.


Seeing as the specs for some of the new kits have been leaked, you can find the kit on sale before the official strips are launched – which is around six weeks before the season begins. However, they are never going to be perfect replicas, so it’s always better to wait. You can keep up to date with the strip designs as they are released on football headlines.


When going into the new season, it’s always an idea to get your bets in early. When looking at individual games, it doesn’t matter too much whether you place your bets the day of the game, or weeks in advance. But obviously, you will have a better idea of players performance the closer to the match you get. Sports gambler has some great premier league betting tips if you need a bit of help. For your long play bets, getting them in early can usually better your odds.

Not at the match

If you can’t get to the match, there are still ways of watching. Obviously, your local sports bar and most pubs will play the matches which have a strong following in that area. If you want to watch Bournemouth vs Southampton in Hull, while a more local match is going on, you might find it tricky to find. Which is why getting the matches at home is a great idea. BT do have some of the games, and there is always MAtch of the Day on BBC, but it’s Sky Sports that will have everything. If you only get the sports channels over the season, then look at getting it a couple of months in advance – the prices usually go up just in time for the season. Or, call up and ask to cancel following the end of the 2017/18 season, you will normally be offered a good deal to stay on with them.



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