5 Must See Derbies from Around the World

Derbies are fantastic. They are passionate, exciting, and great fun for the fans and players alike. But, they aren’t all equal.

It’s always novel, playing a team from nearby. But, if you’re not in the same league, have quite a bit of distance between you, or it doesn’t happen very often, it won’t come with the same levels of interest.

Some city derbies are fun, and a great day out but they’re certainly not worth looking at personal loan rates to go and see. Others are charged. They’re the games that really get your blood pumping and make it all seem worth it. These games don’t just happen in our own leagues. They are going on all over the world, all of the time. Here is a look at some of the best.

AC Milan vs Inter Milan

Ac and Inter are so close they share a common home ground as the setting for this game. So, it was always bound to be…tense. Both teams have historically been incredibly successful, with 18 trophies each but unfortunately, like a lot of these derbies, recent games have been remembered more for their fighting than their football. Also, like a lot of these games, non-sporting rivalries are bubbling away behind the scenes as the club owners share their own political rivalry.

Manchester United vs Manchester City

City and United has always been a great derby to its fans. But it hasn’t always been a tightly contended. While Manchester United have always been one of the most successful teams in British football, it’s only been the last ten years, since a multi-million pound take over and a massive spending spree that City have joined them at the very top of the league. Since then, United have won three titles, and City two, with these derby games becoming closer, and more important than ever.

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid

In recent years, Real Madrid has dominated these games, but they are traditionally close, and Atletico rarely give in without a fight. The games are close, fearsome and once more, politically charged, with Atletico seen by many as the rebel club of Spain.

Boca Juniors vs River Plate

If we were looking for the most politically charged derby from around the world, this one might well be it. The Boca and River rivalry is all about class and snobbery. River were formed in the Buenos Aires docklands in 1901. Boca, in the same area by Italian immigrants in 1905. When football became more professional in the 30’s, River Plate moved up in the world. Relocating to a more affluent area and spending money on bigger players. Boca stuck to their roots. This class divide still separates the teams and defines the rivalry today.

Celtic vs Rangers

While Boca and River are divided by class, money and status, with Celtic and Rangers, it comes down to religion. Believe it or not, these two started with a friendly relationship. It wasn’t until Celtic started refusing to buy Catholic players that things got tense. While this practice is now over, and players are bought solely on talent, this Derby remains one of the loudest in the world.



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