Take a Football Roadtrip and Watch Around the World

Any football fanatic can tell you that football isn’t just about the game, it is about the spirit of the sport, the excitement in the stadium and knowing that whatever the outcome, you were all in it together.

It’s the half-time analysis, the beer at the bar and showing your pride by wearing the hat, the scarf and the shirt all at once.

The UK is home to some of the best football teams in the world and with so many derbies to choose from, there are plenty of games to be excited about right here at home. But, what you may not realise is that outside the UK leagues, there are some amazing games going on.

Football fever has travelled around the world and now there are leagues almost everywhere – even in America where they have their own version so have to call it ‘soccer’. However, these games can’t always be found on our screens so it’s time to take a road trip and see what your favourite sport has to offer up around the world.


The Bundesliga is the men’s football league in Germany, but it does have a female equivalent, the Frauen-Bundesliga. While you can watch Bundesliga matches from the UK, there is nothing quite like the local atmosphere for getting the party started.The league has two divisions but all the games are hotly anticipated amongst the crowds. The most famous team from the Bundesliga is quite probably Bayern-Munich who are one of the most successful European teams in the world.

Munich is a great city and even if you can only catch the match on a TV in one of its football bars, you are in for a real treat. There are also other tourist destinations you can enjoy over a long weekend including the palaces and English Gardens – perfect for a partner who’s not quite as interested as you!     

The Saudi Professional League

So it turns out that football is quite popular in Saudi Arabia too where they have the Saudi Professional League. The most coveted prize is, of course, the King’s Cup, but some teams have also qualified to play in the AFC Champions League. If you are unfamiliar with who the top teams are or where the most hotly contested matches will be, have a look at Betalyst to see the latest fixtures and odds.

While Saudi Arabia might not sound like an obvious tourist hotspot, once you are here, you really should see the incredible sights on offer. The Grand Mosque is a popular choice with tourists of all nationalities and is well worth a trip.


The CONCACAF annual continental football competition takes teams from North and Central America as well as the Caribbean. It’s played as a knockout competition between February and May each year, between 16 qualifying teams from across the regions. The games are played in stadiums around the whole of the intake area so it might take a little bit of forward planning to catch the match you want to see.



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