Interview: Leatherhead coach Darren Beale

Here at the Football Forecast, we got to interview the Leatherhead coach Darren Beale.

1) As a coach, you always want to get the best out of every player, in your opinion, who is the best player you’ve coached?

Having coached many players at various levels Bradley Dack (currently playing at Blackburn Rovers) stands out as a player I have worked with who had great ability but also a superb attitude and applied himself well in training and game situations, that said the current squad of Leatherhead players is one of the best GROUP of players I have worked with. Their work ethic is superb and the togetherness the group have is second to none

2) What made you want to become a coach

The love of the game and becoming too old to play led me into getting involved at youth level with the team my son played for. This inspired me to progress further and I started to take my badges and progressed to become a UEFA licensed coach. This, in turn, has allowed me to work at Football League academies and at National Conference level. I am always looking to progress further in my coaching role and I am currently studying a degree with Anglia Ruskin University BSc(Hons) coaching for performance in football.

3) Were you a footballer? If so who did you play for?

I have always played football but never to what I consider a decent level

4) Joining Sammy & Jack must be a dream come true, how did the move come about?

I coached Sammy as a player about 10 years ago at Dover Athletic under Andy Hessanthailer.Sam and I stayed good friends and in recent years I have coached for him and Jack at their MandM Academy. Sammy approached me preseason to become part of his team but at that particular time, I was committed to another club. We spoke again in November and I felt that the time was right and since joining in early December, two defeats, two draws and 11 wins later, I have not looked back!

5) Where do you see Leatherhead Football Club in 2 Years time?

In two years time with Sammy and Jack at the helm, I can only see Leatherhead moving in one direction and that is up the football pyramid. The experience they both bring along with their infectious drive has paid dividends this season coupled with the experience that the chairman has both on and off the pitch makes for the perfect ingredients for success.

6) Since coming into the club what have you made of the fans?

Add to the mix the great fan base that the club has makes this a great club to play, manage coach and support, at this present time. The Fans are superb and very knowledgeable, its always good to have a chat with them in the bar after the game and discuss some of the main points of the last 90+mins. And at Away games they can always be heard in the 12th man role.

7) Off the field, what are your impressions of the club? I.e. Community, Media, Volunteers

For me, Leatherhead is one of the best non-league clubs for media etc I have seen, I think Tom Derry stated-the same when he first joined saying that he was surprised with the very professional set up Leatherhead had. I have already linked up well with Alfie who has accommodated some of my requests to assist in analysis of games as well as putting together some sports psychology material. It is good to see the volunteers engaging with the community regularly and on match days It is great to see the amount of mascots we have had and I know this is something the players are proud to see at every home game

Thank you to Leatherhead coach Darren Beale and to Alfie Gates for setting it up.

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