Holiday Action: Incorporate Your Sporting Love Into Your Next Getaway

Your love of sport doesn’t stop, just because you’re off on a holiday.

Therefore, whether you’ve decided to take your other half somewhere to relax for a while, or you’re up for a fun family holiday to remember; it’s worth thinking about how you can incorporate your favourite games and matches into your time there. Fortunately, there is a year long sporting calendar to keep your eye on, and you’ll never be stuck for travel inspiration when it comes to watching a major event, or an away game.

Watching your favourite teams, players, and sports people and events somewhere different, will always be something to tick off your bucket list. Therefore, it;s worth taking a moment to sit back and write that bucket list so that you have places to visit and things to look forward to with your loved ones. Your partner and family members can come and enjoy the event with you, or, if they’re uninterested; there’ll be plenty for them to do elsewhere on your holiday. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who are ready to travel further afield to enjoy their fandom and favourite sport (it’ll make a nice change from the sofa and T.V).

Football (obviously)

The article has to start with the beautiful game doesn’t it? Any fan will know the location of the World Cup, FA Cup, the Champions League, and the European Championships. It’s just about making the most of that location, and ensuring that you can get a successful holiday out of it; even if the score isn’t what you wanted. The wonderful thing about football in Europe, is that it’s in Europe! There will be an array of matches that you can get to with ease; often, a flight will be a few hours or less, and you won’t be stuck for somewhere to stay. Therefore, why not plan your next getaway around those UEFA Euro 2020 tickets you’re dreaming about, and head to Spain or Belgium; making a holiday of it will make victory all the sweeter.


Although Wimbledon is a crucial time of year for any tennis fan, getting your hands on some Australian Open final tickets is something worth celebrating. Heading down under for an adventure, is something you’ll never forget. And, the Aussie football league might not be your thing, but if the Open is; it’s a case of you onlive once. It’s worth spending a minimum of a fortnight exploring your destination; it’s the longest haul flight you’ll ever do, so you need time to get over that jet lag. There’ll be countless activities and fun to be had outside of all the tennis, so, if you have the chance to vist Oz, grab it with both hands!


If you’ve already been to enjoy the preened courses of the PGA, don’t worry; there are loads more golf tournaments that every hardcore golf fan should attend. However, the U.S Open will offer you and your family plenty of places to eat, sleep, and enjoy, in true holiday style, in between watching the world’s best golfers swing for the title.  



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