How To Place Better Football Bets

There’s an art to sports betting – some people have made a career out of it. As with all gambling, there’s never any certainty to it, but you can increase your chances of winning more than you lose by taking a more calculated approach.

Here are just four tips for placing better bets on football.

Have a betting budget – and stick to it!

You should always bet responsibly, which means never betting more than you’re prepared to lose. The best way to do this is to set a monthly budget. You may also want to stick to a set wager per bet so that you’re not throwing away your entire month’s betting budget in one game. Try not to bet with your winnings so that these can actually go to good use.

Do your background research

It pays to be a true football fan when betting – by knowing the results of previous matches, you can gain a better idea of how well a team or player is doing that season. You may also want to check when going into a match as to which players are playing and which positions they’re likely to be in, whether it’s a home or an away match and even what the weather may be like – all of these are factors that a professional better is likely to weigh up. The internet has made it easier than ever to find out all this information. Don’t forget to also talk with trusted friends who may know more about a certain team than you do.

Broaden your horizons

Don’t just stick to what you know – try to broaden your horizons and bet on games you wouldn’t usually bet on. You could consider foreign domestic leagues and teams – sites like Single Betting offer predictions on games from across the world. You could also consider smaller teams and games, providing you can find a bookie willing to let you bet on them. On top of this, you could try different types of bets such as overs/unders, parlays and propositions. These options allow you to bet on different factors other than the score such as who scores or by how much a team wins.

Shop around for the best odds

It’s worth also shopping around bookkeepers to find the best odds – whilst you may build a relationship with a local bookkeeper who you want to stay loyal to, you could be limiting yourself as to how much you could win. Sites like Odds Checker allow you to compare odds on various major bookkeepers, allowing you to easily choose the best bookie to bet with. Of course, there may be independent bookies local to you that you also want to check before placing a bet.



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