What content will we be covering?

We will be covering many things to do with Spanish football. This includes things such as: The hottest transfer gossip; Match reviews; Score predictions; Season Reviews; Team of the month; Player of the month plus many more other huge topics.

Will we write more about La Liga rather than LIGA Adelante?

Yes. Obviously there are more La Liga fans than LIGA Adelante fans so we will be writing more often about La Liga. However, we will also be writing a lot about LIGA Adelante, covering the same topics as La Liga.

How will player of the month be chosen?

We will have our say about who we believe that player of the month should be however, you will have your say as well. Each month, we will round up our top 5 players from both leagues and create a straw-pole for you too have your own vote. We will take into consideration the teams that the player has played against,  the goals he has scored, the assists that they player has and finally the average match rating.

Which games will we give reviews on?

Not only will we talk about the ‘Top of the table’ clashes but we will also talk about the bottom end of the tables ‘Six pointers.’ We will also be talking a lot about the big derby matches.

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