What next for Fifa?

The football world is crumbling. Sepp Blatter has destroyed FIFA and will keep destroying it as long as he’s in charge. Maybe it’s a good sign that he’s stepping down next February. But I don’t think so. I would have just been best if nobody voted for him. Ever since he was last elected, people have been calling for him to go. Well maybe it’s their faults for electing him President again in the first place. We already have some good choices surrounding us who could step up to the plate. I’ve certainly got a few myself. And I know much people would go with me.

The football community clearly want somebody else in charge of the football community. Somebody who can make decisions on the spot. Someone who’s capable of tackling racism, which is still an ongoing issue in football. What has Sepp Blatter really brought the FIFA community? Controversy after controversy after controversy. From corruption to being unfavourable towards FIFA to signing a ‘disloyalty’ contract towards Michel Platini, a well-liked person in football. Something has to be done to stop him. And now.

The only thing that could help FIFA as a whole is by overpowering Blatter and forcing him to resign at this very moment in time. But, personally, I don’t see that happening. Instead, I think we should be looking at people who are more than capable of succeeding Blatter. A FIFA president needs to be strong-minded, good at making decisions and well liked within the football community. Two people that I do see challenging for the FIFA Presidency is Michel Platini and David Beckham. They are strong-minded, good at making final decisions and both are well-liked. Especially Beckham. But only time will tell if FIFA’s nightmare does end under Blatter or will it eventually end with someone else wearing the crown?




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