Sebastian Giovinco – The Little Magician

Sebastian Giovinco has proven himself to be one of the, if not the, best players in the MLS.
Frank Beavis discusses his abilities.

Sebastian Giovinco of Toronto FC is undoubtedly one of the MLS’s most gifted players. It would be harsh to say that he was a failure in Serie A, as he accumulated a respectable number of goals and assists; in the MLS he has truly performed. Since his arrival, he has broken the league’s record for most combined goals and assists in a season during his first year with the club,   with 22 goals and 15 assists in 32 games. In addition to this, he has helped Toronto to qualify for the MLS Cup Playoffs for the first time in the club’s 9 year history. He is on course to win the Golden Boot in his first season, outscoring the likes of Robbie Keane and David Villa with ease.

In addition to his goal scoring exploits, he possesses notable play making skills and is capable of passing the ball with both feet, beating opponents with his dribbling skills to create room for his team-mates and fantastic vision. In addition to this, he has a surprising ability to hold up the ball…surprising due to his small stature, Sebastian stands at  just 5ft 4inches! He is also a very capable set piece taker, this being where the majority of his assists come from. Due to his aformentioned short stature, dynamic abilities and pace, Giovinco has acquired himself the nickname of ‘formica atomica’, known otherwise as the ‘atomic ant.’

Following a link with a move to Liverpool, Giovinco stated that he is perfectly content at Toronto FC and that he hopes to do the best he can at the club.  At 28 years of age, Giovinco has plenty more playing years in him; how many of those years will be spent with Toronto?



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