Interview: A chat with Matt Le Tissier

Last week, I was given the chance to not only meet but interview Southampton legend, Matt Le Tissier. In the interview I speak about atmosphere at stadiums from his playing days, the comparison between the Dell to St Mary’s, hostile grounds around the country and last minute drama in two memorable games against Newcastle. We also touch upon his weirdest fan experiences and distinctive fan chants but also how atmosphere can actually impact you as a player. We conclude the interview by asking Matt the best thing that football has given him in an established and successful career.

00:00 – Introduction and career statistics

00:47 – Comparison of the Dell to St Mary’s

01:41 – Decline in atmosphere through the years?

02:15 – Most hostile ground you’ve played in?

03:22 – Weirdest fan experience

04:02 – Memorable fan chants

04:59 – Atmosphere and the impact on a player

05:54 – Late drama/Favourite moments with fans

07:18 – Best thing that football has given you?




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